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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Home Amongst the Gum Trees...

Here I sit by candlelight using my laptop, hoping the battery doesn’t run out before I finish this post!

We’ve had an electrical storm here this afternoon and we are still without power in our new little place…however I am pleased to report that we are very comfortable in, and appreciative of our new home…

Our humble country home really is everything that I could have asked for…if I had asked God for it…you see the move was unexpected and unwanted in ways.  Moving again after only six months, I don’t imagine is something most people would choose to do…well as a single parent with three kids, another move was the last thing on my mind, I was actually thinking more along the lines of a holiday!

But yet once again I praise The Lord and thank Him for His awesome provision and protection!

We’ve had a relatively easy move.  Once again I was blessed to have my family’s amazing assistance and we’re already settled in nicely…God is so Good and the love of His people surrounding me also is.  The children are really happy, now being nearer their school and in a friendly town.

I don’t know if you know the famous Australian song ‘Give me a home among the gum trees’…well living in rural Victoria near the Murray River promises Gum tress…however I truly do have the Aussie ideal of the verandah out the front, with an old rocking chair :D

You may not understand this Aussie ideal…but when you’re raised here in Aus you do…you see this land becomes a part of you…Sitting on the verandah, looking out, in the fresh air just revitalises you…similar to when you sit outside around a camp fire…just makes you feel really good and of course when accompanied by the people you love makes it all the better.

So I exhale a breath of both appreciation and tiredness…thankful that I am able to live freely loving my Lord, Saviour and Friend, while raising my children in safety.

My heart aches for women around the world who are persecuted by male tyrants and not extended the rights and freedom I am…we all are sisters!

Life as a woman is not always easy…but I do know that even as an Ordinary Aussie Woman I am very blessed by my government…even if at times I don’t agree with all their decisions…however I also know that I have an obligation as a Christian woman to love other women and work where possible for their rights…

All women deserve freedom from violence and persecution, prostitution and attacks, derogation and humiliation…All women deserve the right to freedom, safety, equality and education…Gender is no grounds for superiority or abuse.

Why are women still being stolen, traded, degraded, prostituted, abused, threatened, raped, bashed, circumcised, being married to strangers at 10 years of age, being ‘punished’ publically with acid, being denied education and health care??? I could go on and on...

When God created man he made him a wise, skilled and beautiful accomplice…

In ‘Why not Women’ by Loren Cunningham and David Hamilton on page 96…Genesis ‘creation’ is discussed with the term often translated as helper.  It is asserted that the Hebrew word –ezer means a more capable, more powerful, more intelligent ally, not a subservient person and is also used in relation to God.  The second word of the phrase keneged, means equal!

I say to you that God does not put His daughters down EVER!

I was reminded in ‘Lioness Arising’ by Lisa Bevere last night that satan hates God’s daughters…

God is love, He is Good and liberates…He loves His daughters and I am blessed to be called one of them!

So from my home amongst the Gum Trees to yours wherever that may be, God bless you!

Your sister, Melanie.

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