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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Be A Miracle!

Have you heard the phrase from Nick Vujicic which goes something like, ‘Don’t wait for a miracle…be one’?

If anyone is qualified to state this, it is definitely Mr. V, the Aussie man who as a child was born without limbs and proclaims the Gospel worldwide.  If you don’t know about Nick here is a link to his site which is well worth checking out:

To be honest when I think of miracles I think of God – Jesus…and then when I think of living a life as a miracle my mind thinks of amazing people such as Mother Theresa and Nick Vujicic!

However the truth is these humble Saints (Christians) in living their life for Jesus have become known for their love…a high profile has eventually followed however this is not the main factor to them being a miracle in other people’s lives and I would like to say to you today that we too can be miracles!

How did Jesus summarise God commands?

Basic answer: To LOVE God 1st and to LOVE others as yourself!

LOVE is the key to being a miracle…you see God is LOVE and He is the God of miracles.

When you love God and others you are one of His miracles!

I understand that sometimes life battles can get us down and that sometimes we think miracles are not possible…

But maybe if we changed our perspective a bit…honed it in closer, making it smaller, more personal the idea of the miraculous and being a miracle may not seem so far beyond reach.

How’s this for inspiration…
Did you know an Aussie mother held her pronounced clinically dead baby for 2 hours and the baby miraculously came back to life…check it out here:

LOVE in action is powerful…

I would like to encourage us today to take five minutes and think about ways that we could love more in our lives and be miracles to those who we have the privilege to do life with.  Just imagine if we all made an effort each day to be a miracle and made an intentional effort to love someone with NO EXPECTATION of getting something back!  What a different place our neighbourhoods could be.

Here are some simple yet real examples, I believe are love in action:
  • Be pleasant – make the effort to be pleasant to someone even if you don’t necessarily feel like it.  You don’t know what a difference you may make to that person’s life.  I have heard an amazing story of someone who was near suicide who did not go through with it due to a kind person who had no idea.  Smile, open a door for someone, look up and say hi to that person in the supermarket you know, yet would rather ignore.  Let someone in when the traffic is merging or send a brief friendly text.
  • Be connected – Take time out each day to connect with your nearest and dearest and if you have extra time other friend/s too. Take that half hour to cuddle your kids or phone your relative. Seriously, try missing a soap opera here and there and see what a difference it can make to your relationships.
  • R.A.K – Try doing a random act of kindness in secret for someone.  Drop off a parcel, bring someone’s bins in or send an encouraging anonymous card.  There are many different acts…try google searching you’ll be surprised.
  • Volunteer – Volunteering in your community is an awesome blessing for all parties.  You get to make your neighbourhood a better place and also benefit from how good you will feel.
  • Encourage – If there is someone in your life who is stressed or over worked or something, take a moment of your time to encourage them…let them know that you know what an awesome person they are.
  • Surprise someone or some people – Surprises are great they add spice to our lives and they don’t always need to be expensive gifts.  Today I spent a short time and videoed myself on my laptop saying “Hi” to my Facebook friends – some I haven’t ‘seen’ since school – the response was awesome!
  • Care – genuinely care for someone.  Is someone unwell?  Try to go and see them if possible or make some contact if possible.
  • Communicate – Don’t be silent make the effort to ask your loved ones how they are and if there is something specific you could do to show them you love them…then do it then and there, not next month.  They may just faint in shock…but wouldn’t that be great!
  • Be less self-seeking – sometimes today we can be very self-centred to the point of narcissistic, this is not love.  Yes we do need to take time out and care for ourselves but let’s also serve other people’s needs not just our own.

These are all just basic ideas…but the main point here is that you and I can be miracles to others we are in contact with – we can LOVE people and make a difference to both theirs and our lives.  You don’t need to be famous to live an exceptional life…you can be an ordinary person just like me, but when you LOVE exceptional things happen…for God is LOVE and He is a God of miracles.

But remember…do it your own way!  Don’t force yourself to do things to show love to others which aren’t your style…I mean there are so many examples I could have given I could have wrote for hours but that wasn’t the point.  Love people honestly in your style.  Just LOVE and then watch for the miracles...

Don’t love to get accolades…cause that’s not probably gonna happen and really that’s not a loving humble place to start from.  People know when you’re genuine and when you truly care.  They can see when you are a blessing from God for them and that’s a wonderful miracle.

Rather than letting the selfish tyrants of this world get us down, why don’t we making an effort to transform the lives of those around us, for LOVE conquers evil, and who knows what miracles God will bring about from your love. 

One of the best things I have found out about LOVE is that it’s contagious – the more I have God’s LOVE for others the more LOVE I receive, for we can never out give God.  Don’t get me wrong I still come up against some very grumpy people, but that’s no longer my style and they need LOVE just as much as I do.

Be encouraged to be a miracle wherever you are in God’s world!

Love Melanie J

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