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Monday, 17 February 2014


Beautiful natural thermal spring in Turkey...

A secondary thought struck me today and it impacted me so that I thought…yes I must share this!

It was after a not-so-uncommon thought entered my mind…that being, “Wow it’s expensive to eat healthy!”  This thought came to mind as I was watching my youngest son devour a pear from a fresh pile recently given to us by my sister.  After the pear he went on to eat a muesli bar, and then not long later he sat down to eat a fresh bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese with veggies…for dessert he made himself breakfast cereal! As you all know, growing healthy boys can eat a lot!

But what was so profound today was my secondary thought, after I once again thought how expensive it is here in Australia to buy healthy food in comparison to quick pre-packaged snack food…which I call ‘junk food’ because we all know it is!

I was pondering as usual the injustice of our market system which punishes the consumer and small local growers, yet rewards the huge, unconscientious, giants of the global food industry.  I suppose  this is where my mind usually stops…with a sigh of disappointment …as honestly I am unable to provide my children with what I’d prefer which is all organic produce and lean meats…because I literally CANNOT afford to!

At this point today, my mind then thought… “Should this really surprise you?  Do you really think the ruler of this world wants you to be able to provide your family with healthy, fresh food?”  And I then had to stop and ponder this new thought…and I couldn’t help but think…of course he doesn’t!

I know God is GOOD and as our loving Father, He wants us to have the best of what He provides…but the ruler of this world (the devil) doesn’t want us to be in our best health…physically or spiritually!

The ruler of this world for now, will do all he can to keep us from restoration with our loving Father and to hurt and destroy us…just think of all the short-cuts the huge companies make, all because of greed, and of their lies…the devil is the father of lies!

So I will continue to try my best to provide healthy food for my beautiful boys, which is the way God designed it…even if I have to take extra time to wash their fruit due to chemical sprays, or peel it, and I will continue to buy Organic Weeties even though they cost me more because I love them…it’s a small sacrifice in comparison to Jesus’ loving sacrifice for us, to reconcile us with our Father in heaven!

So the next time you get angry at injustice rather than blaming God…think about sin and its origin form the enemy who is at work to keep you from God!  Jesus is the only way for true HEALTH and RESTORATION and I am longing for His return when all will be put right!

In love as always, Melanie...


Greg Winfield said...

What a great and insightful post Melanie. I agree with your thoughts on this subject wholeheartedly. My wife and I have often talked about how the healthier option always seems to be the most expensive option. It’s not right and it’s not fair. Especially since in most instances it costs more to process processed foods than it costs to grow and produce food in their natural state. You’re right in that we have an enemy whose mission is not to promote life, but the kill steal and destroy. Thanks again for your post.

Melanie Baker said...

Thanks so much for your encouragement Greg, as this is not a usual type of post for me, but I did feel that I should share my thoughts :)

Debby Shaw said...

It totally is unfair. We as Christians and parents owe it to our children to do the research and find the best option we can.
Growing what we can, buying from the farmgate, less packaging and informed choices.
It can be hard when advertising tries to tell us that this is good or that. Truth is is has so many numbers on the ingredient list is it like a science experiment on our bodies.
Good on you for bringing this up. It is important!

Mrs. Shawn Mullin said...

Great post sis and so true. We all struggle with this no matter what part of the world we live in. You are so right about the enemy, he comes to steal, kill and destroy. On the other hand God said He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day! So I know that He sees our heart in wanting our kids to have good nutritious food to eat! So what does He keep and what day is that going to be? I believe He keeps my family and our basic needs in His hand and that He can take whatever the enemy means for evil and turn it for good! This is why we give God thanks for food even if it's not the best we wish we could provide. I believe He covers it and blesses it despite our enemies attempts to harm us! That day is the day that God makes the enemy accountable for everything he has done and he is gonna free fall for a thousand years before he is cast forever in the lake of fire!!! In the end God wins and because we are hid with Christ we win as well!!!!

Again this is a great post!

I'm hid with Christ!

Justin Hayes said...

Hey Mel great subject matter. I agree whole heartily that the world is set up in a way to benefit those that control the money, with no concern for the health and wellbeing of the general public.
The additives in these highly processed frankenfoods, along with virtually no nutrient value is true testament to that. Along with the fact they are attacking our fresh food supply and tainting it with radioactive fertilizers and pesticides, while incorporating dangerous gmo's. Add to that the fluoridated water, and polluted air that these 'fresh' foods are grown with.
Coinciding with the degradation of our food, is the chemically addicted health care system, which outlaws proven natural cures, on a bais of low profitability in helping cure diseases.
We unfortunately live in an extremely unbalanced world where corporate money and power far exceeds the health and wellbeing of its consumers.
Time for us all to change and tack back this world from the oligarchs that control it and you...... Great post Mel.

Melanie Baker said...

Hey Shawn! Yes I do always give thanks to God for our food and I also believe that He blesses it and covers it and uses it for our good - so thanks for bringing up this important point :) Our world is broken and fallen and the enemy wants to destroy us...but Jesus has already conquered him and through Jesus we are already victors - this is our message of hope in this sad and sorry world!

Melanie Baker said...

Hey Debby & Justin, thanks for taking the time to read the post and for your valuable comments. I know you both are on my wave length on this topic...thanks for your encouragement!