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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I Won't Budge!

Compromise…Let’s be honest we do need to be flexible and open to compromise with other people, or we’d probably resort to living as a hermit!

However I’ve been thinking lately that there are just some things that I will not compromise on...and you know what, I’m ok about it.

Call me stubborn, single-minded, a bigot or a B if you will, but be warned, I won’t be bullied into changing because God has made me stronger than that…

And yes truth be told, I have been called all of these things and they can make an impact.

However ultimately it’s God’s approval I desire and not other people’s…Yes I want to be approachable and loving…kind and generous…but I am also firm in my convictions and on some things I will not budge.

Some of you may be thinking…hmmm is this woman preaching law here or grace? 

But this is not the case…I simply am saying that with God’s help I am focusing my eyes upon Jesus and I have my Christian convictions that I will not move from because of my love for Christ, as a response to His mercy and grace.

I do not want to be swayed here and there by any different message or to be deviated from God’s plan for my life…and oh how easy it can be to be swayed…can you relate to this?

Cause sometimes I get tired and sometimes I doubt if I’ve really gotten God’s message right.

And to be totally honest sometimes I can even wonder if I am really deserving of God’s best due to my past…and it’s then that the negativity from worldly people can impact me.

However I know this is not from God as He lifts me up from those wrong thoughts when I draw near to him in prayer, scripture and spending time with His people.

Once again He lovingly reminds me that I am His daughter and am greatly valued by Him…so greatly valued that Jesus Christ died in my place, and has been raised to life, as I will also be.

This is why I now value myself enough to not be bullied or swayed by pressure from others!  God values and respects me, so I value and respect myself.  I want to be faithful to the Lord and I want God’s plan for my life above anything else…so I will not budge from my Christian convictions.

I am not going to preach to you what my convictions are…

What I will say though is this:  What are your Christian convictions that YOU are unwilling to move from? 

Is this a difficult question for you to answer?

If so I’d recommend you pray and spending time with God in His Word, the Holy Bible…because God is faithful and true and will faithfully respond to your request to lead you in His righteousness!

In love, Melanie J



Charles Carrelej said...

Hi from the West Highlands of Scotland,

Blessings for living a no compromise life based on God's Word.

Stay Strong!


Melanie Baker said...

Hello Charles from Aus!
Thank you brother for your encouragement!
Melanie :)

Joanna Sormunen said...

Hi Melanie!

Yes, there are things that I won't budge as a Christian.

I personally think that as a Christian I must first God and my neighbour.

Loving my neighbour means not judging and not expecting the same that I expect myself or other Christians. They simple don't understand and if I expect them the same, they will just feel rejected and judged.

Loving my God means that in my life there are definite things that I won't budge about. I seek always to be holy, it is not possible here and now, because we still live in a sinfull world. But I always seeks God first and His will, then everything else.

So, I won't budge :)