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Wednesday, 27 November 2013


As shoes for your feet…I have always loved this scripture!

As shoes for your feet...I have always loved this scripture!

Maybe because this means that I can proclaim the gospel in pretty shoes…LOL

On a more serious note, proclamation has not been the most prominent though in my mind recently, as I’m sure you’ll understand with our recent move that we have been very busy…

Yes, here we are in our new house and town, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know, that this little, (I am only around 5’3”) Ordinary Aussie Woman, and her 3 sons are settling in well.

Indeed we’ve been blessed to have met 3 sets of Christian neighbours so far, and received the most warmest reception from our new church family…God is indeed Good!

Have you been getting ready for Christmas yet?

To be honest, I would like a quiet, un-busy Christmas this year.  However I think experiencing Christmas does include some active participation…So it seems that yes, we still will be active this Christmas, I just hope we can keep it simple, so that this special occasion does not overwhelm and exhaust me J

Tasks like cleaning, finalising our previous property, cleaning and cooking, settling in and yes cleaning (have I mentioned that yet?), along with shopping for Christmas have been taking up my time…

While out and about yesterday Christmas shopping with my sons, I decided to get a much needed haircut, thinking that way I’ll be neat and groomed for Christmas and summer. There was an appointment available later that day, so I booked it in.

Proclamation REALLY was not what was on my mind as I slipped on a pretty pair of lime green dress shoes…I just wanted to feel pretty in preparation for my appointment!

As I was having my hair washed at the basin I could not relax, I felt rather anxious and so I decided to just focus my mind on Jesus…anyway soon I was sitting in the chair and my young hairdresser began making friendly conversation…

I think it’s important here to let you know, that a lot of the time I do intentionally share my faith with other people…however honestly this was not what I was intentionally planning to do as I sat in the chair with my new stylist, I was more concerned with her understanding my requirements.

Anyway after she started trimming my hair, the owner of the salon asked me what I did…to which I replied mothering and study…I did not feel like mentioning that I studied ministry!  Not long later my young stylist the asked me specifically what I was studying…so then I had to answer her…

What followed was one of the most interesting and invigorating conversations that I’ve had with a young non-Christian person before…twice I had to stop and think about her faith questions and acknowledge that I really appreciated her though-provoking questions.  I knew that this meeting was no coincidence, and that God was planting thought-seeds in this young woman’s mind…IT WAS TRULY A BLESSING.

So be encouraged my friends and remember “as shoes for your feet, put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the gospel of peace!”  Even if you don’t feel like it, and you're wearing pretty (uncomfortable) dress shoes...let God’s Spirit lead you…what a blessing.

In love Melanie J


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