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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Hair Cut!

So I was having a sleep in this morning after a late night, because I have an essay due…when from my room I heard some very loud comments coming from the bathroom, along the lines of…

“What have you done!” 
“Why did you cut your hair?”
“Oh no, you’re gonna be in big trouble!”
“You’ve wrecked your hair!  Mum’s going to be angry at you!”
“OH NO!”

Now this is not the first attempt my middle son has made at a self-haircut, so I decided to just listen and see what would happen next…

A short time later I heard my middle son call out… “Mum! Can you shave my head?” To which I replied, ‘Yeah of course I can!”  And all peace was restored J

This incident had me thinking later today when I was in the bathroom looking at all the hair over the bathroom counter…in relation to when we stuff up, and our Father’s reaction…and our imaginings of His reaction!

Sometimes we may try something in our lives and stuff up big time…sometimes we just put our foot in it, or sometimes we can just lose our temper…I think you know what I mean!

None of us are perfect and even when we try our best we can still stuff up…even when our motives begin in good faith…like when someone tries to run something at church, and then loses their patience with others and acts out…I think we’ve all probably experienced something like this!  I know we all can relate, because we’re all human…

You see my son had decided that his fringe was too long, and that a trim would be a good idea…so he simply gave it a go!  His motive was fine…but he is 9 years old J

My response…ok honestly it was mostly motivated by my physical location of lying in bed…but it was to wait and see what he would do!  As soon as he called out to me for help, in love I instantly responded, because he is my son whom I want to help!

This makes me think of our loving Father in heaven!

As Christians we do try to live God honouring lives, yet we can still stuff up!  But I’m wondering how quick we are to seek forgiveness and help from God?  Sometimes we can hear comments…either from our own mind, or from others whom we know…comments like… ‘And you call yourself a Christian?  Oh no God is going to be really mad at me…I’ve done it again!  Or, I am a hopeless case, God must be so sick of me!’

Yet scripture tells us in 1 John 1:9. ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.’

I am just a fallible human mother, yet I am more than happy to help my sons and to forgive them…I am readily available for them to spend time with me, and to talk with me!  So how much more available is God’s love, mercy and friendship through Jesus?

So the next time you do something wrong, I hope you think of my son who quickly turned to his mother for help, because he knows that I love him!  Don’t forget that God loves you, and when you stuff up call out to Him!  Be quick to confess your sin and find mercy, pray to learn from your mistake and to grow in discipline.

Don’t get caught up in worry, hang onto scriptural truth!  Forgiveness is available so seek it…when you fall down, not if, but when, stay down, on your knees, and seek Him.  Then get back up and keep moving forward with God!

My now fringeless son!

Melanie :)

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