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Friday, 4 October 2013


Desires…do you still have any? 

Are any Red Hot and thriving or are they declining?

Are any smouldering or just plain dead?

Desires can fluctuate and desires wane…

More recently I have been tired, and to be totally honest my desire to be a godly mother to my kids had waned…sometimes these things just surprise us, and we wonder how did THAT happen?  Or sometimes we just get bogged down and stop living, because we’re so busy just functioning!  Sometimes all our good intentions and habits seem to have just disappeared and we can find ourselves lacking joy and intention!   Our lives can be full of pretentious rubbish, rather than genuine discipleship of following Jesus… Well that’s been my experience anyway…
The other night my middle son poured his heart out to me, telling me about how he felt he was being pulled away from Jesus!  I knew he had been struggling in many areas, and honestly, previously I had thought that I couldn’t do much more for him than pray for him, and with him when we spoke. 
The other night we spoke about his school and his heart’s desire to be faithful to Jesus...we talked a lot!  It was a momentous night as it made me realise that this plea from my son had to be my main concern!  This had to take priority…not my theological study, not my comfort, not MY anything else!

We get ONE SHOT at raising our child or children the way they should go…ONE SHOT…because they only have ONE CHILDHOOD!

Why study ministry and not practice it with your own family?

My 3 boys had been fighting A LOT and I sensed that my boys and I were under, and had been under, spiritual attack!  I had been apathetic and tired in my parenting, focusing upon just getting through each day, rather than living each day for the Lord, which is what my focus used to be!

The morning after my middle son had shared his heart, I knew that God was speaking to us, and that things had to change…well praise the Lord, things have been changing very noticeably around here!  It started with a BIG family talk, and prayer!  We decided we needed to be more focused upon Jesus, and living our lives for him intentionally in His army…because this life as a Christian is a battlefield!  We talked about needing GOD’S ARMOUR!  We had neglected reading God’s Word together, and I had seriously dropped in my self-discipline as spiritual head of my household under Jesus!

But I am feeling the flame of desire for discipling my boys being fanned and rising!  I am so thankful to God for his patience, gentleness, and persistence with me…NOT forgetting His amazing love for my boys too, as I know He makes up for all that I lack, and more!

Does your desire for your children to be Disciples of Christ need fanning too?

Melanie J

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