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Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Faithfulness of God...

Oh Lord, how Faithful & Trustworthy you are;
Gentle care you take of our hearts,

When we are bruised, and still broken inside;

Your unfailing love, it lasts!

Alpha & Omega, try to describe your immensity;
Yet no words can really do,

For though we know how truly small we are;

Can we truly comprehend, You?

Ingeniousness & Humility, harmoniously coinciding;
The finest example You give,

Yet we rage and war, and do not strive for peace;

Why are we so impassive?

When will people realise, it’s because they do not yearn;
For Truth & Righteousness;

Like the blind, who can continually stumble and fall;

Self’s become the best!

Yet there still is hope, as you are providing the time;
for all to seek your face,

Healer & Deliverer, You are the only true way;

Trinity God, the author of grace!

Friend and Creator, yet all at the same time;
Can this really be,

Yes it is, for by your Word we have become;

Members of royalty!

Unlimited and Personal, we can share all our cares;
With You, who knows all,

Taking our burdens, as if they were your own;

Relief, far from small!

Love with immense patience, is what you constantly give;
That we need never despair;

For through Jesus Christ, the battle has been forever won;

In this we freely share!

Hope you enjoyed this reflective poem on God's faithfulness.
It began by me believing that God wanted me to spend some time with Him...and so, I decided to do this by reflecting upon His faithfulness...the poem grew from what follows. Love Melanie :)


F – Faithful & Trustworthy

A – Alpha & Omega

I – Ingenious & Humble

T – Truthful & Righteous

H – Healer & Deliverer

F – Friend & Creator

U – Unlimited & Personal

L – Loving & Patient


Chanda Griese said...

I love the acrostic of Faithful...especially the part about our Lord's ingeniousness and humility...He is so otherworldly, so holy beyond our comprehension, so high above us, yet He loves us!

Melanie Baker said...

Thanks for your comments Chanda, and I am glad you enjoyed the poem :)