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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Is your no really a NO?

You know what I mean…do you answer no, and then later give in to whoever is pressuring you?

Especially when that person is someone closely attached to your heart…

Do you teach your children that no is a genuine response?


If we’re honest we’ll admit that it’s tricky to always be consistent with our nos…and really we also want to impart that often people are open to compromise…So if we never changed our mind, once a no was said, then really that’s a tad bizarre and legalistic…don’t you think?

But I’m wondering and sometimes worrying about this generation of children that we are raising…

Sometimes I’m NOT impressed by the ingratitude displayed by the current Gen Z’s!

One wonders how many real answers of NO they have heard?  Or how often they have had to wait and learn some patience?

Now I’m a Gen X woman, and I know that as a child the introduction of fast and convenient products was beginning…but when I grew up, my parents no was still a NO, and I did learn that it was ok to be hungry ½ an hour before tea and wait!

Choice…that seems to be a bit of a long-running, current fad these days with raising kids…

How many of you parents have been taught from professionals that in order to help your child mature, you offer simple choices?

Yes, I agree that some simple choices are fine…for example a choice between 2  tee-shirts to wear.

But I’m wondering…Do we lose our confidence to parent and remain the adult, when we try to treat children under eight maturely?

Stay with me a min…because I’m sure you’ve witnessed a scene where a child tries to assert themselves over the adult, and it’s really NOT good!  The parent becoming a friend over the adult has real consequences.

Children need PARENTING above all else! And they need to understand boundaries!

Why are so many young people unprepared for the workforce?  Why is it that when they are challenged by their supervisor…with possibly a NO…they crack it and resign, or worse get the sack?  Why do young people think they have THE RIGHT (and yes I literally mean THE RIGHT) to back chat and swear at their parents?  Why do teenagers think they have a choice between attending family commitments and staying at home/hanging with friends?


It’s never too late to begin standing firm and have a backbone!  Let your no be no, and your yes be yes!  Don’t be a stick in the mud, but have boundaries that you are unwilling to compromise on, for the wellbeing of your family – YOU ARE SEWING SEEDS INTO YOUR KIDS FOR THE FURTURE!  No parent wants their kid to grow up a lazy adult…make them wait (no it’s not torture)…make them earn and save money for purchases…STOP buying them junk food, tell them to buy their own!  No, they won’t stop loving you…they’ll probably learn about the cost of living, drop the puppy fat, and respect you more!  Spend quality time with your kids teaching them about the REAL world and doing charitable acts; rather than spoiling them with non-stop gifts, outings, holidays, toys and leisure pursuits!

Don’t love your kids to death; love them into a responsible adulthood!

Peace!  Melanie :)


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